World of Indines

Three hundred years ago, the Overlord Rexan , then the world’s most feared archmage and ruler of Gesselheim , made a bid to control the world which threw Indines into a massive conflict known as the Centennial War. After a hundred years of fighting, four heroes–one from each of the different nations–slew Rexan in a grand final battle. Now, three centuries after his demise, a fanatical necromancer named Hepzibah Culotre has begun collecting souls to power a rite which will restore the Dark Overlord to life, potentially returning the world to its darkest hour. Being forewarned of the coming darkness in dreams and visions, a band of new heroes have come forth to attempt to stop the resurrection of the Dark Overlord. These are led by Magdelina Larington , the descendant of one of the original heroes, Avenlia, on a new crusade to destroy Rexan once and for all.