Street Fighter VS Darkstalkers

Chun-Li is contacted by her former chief to help the investigation of a murder. In the morgue, Chun-Li is presented the victim and she is shocked to see how horribly emaciated his body is. Using her awareness of chi, Chun-Li determines that the victim was drained of his life force. Suddenly, the coroner reveals herself to be the succubus, Morrigan Aensland, who compliments Chun-Li’s perception before reassuring her the victim’s end was a pleasurable one, with Morrigan stating that her victims souls always taste better if they’re happy before she devours them. Morrigan attempts to drain the soul from Chun-Li’s chief but Chun-Li kicks the succubus away, demanding to know who and what she is.

The Street Fighter Heroes each discover a foe in the midst of battle that gives them a challenge they might not have been ready for. The Street Fighters must be careful with the Darkstalkers because they have declared that they will reshape the universe itself. Does the team have what it takes to overcome these foes and help save the universe?