Street Fighter

Interpol agent Chun-Li suggests to join forces with the United States Military to overcome to dangerous Shadowlaw. Guile teams up with Chun-Li to take down the members of the Shadowlaw, lead by M.Bison. 

Ryu and Ken, long time fighting rivals are met by both Interpol and the US Military to help against the Shadowlaw. However both would prefer focusing on their personal goals. However M.Bison sets his eyes on Ken to join the ranks. He uses his hypnotic powers to take control over Ken.  As Ryu prepares to retaliate against  Ken, memories of their past wreak havoc on Ken’s mind and he manages to break free of M.Bison’s mind control. The enraged Bison unleashes his Psycho Power upon Ken and casts him afar before turning his attention to Ryu, who fights Bison with very little success. Ken uses his master Ki teaching to mend his body and join the fight. With their combined forces, they unleash their techniques in a joint Hadouken! 


Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game

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