UFS Set 33: Yu Yu Hakusho Booster Display

Join fan favorite Yu Yu Hakusho characters Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei as they battle through the Spirit Detective Saga! Relive the excitement of the first battles as our heroes learn to trust each other and work together and grow into their powers!

Official Release Date – September 6, 2019

The Yu Yu Hakusho Booster Display contains 24 booster packs of 10 cards each for The Universal Fighting System (UFS).

This set features 81 cards and the following characters:

  • ·Yusuke Urameshi·
  • ·Kazuma Kuwabara·
  • ·Kurama·
  • ·Hiei·
  • ·Botan·
  • ·Byakko·
  • ·Suzaku
  • ·Rando·

This set features support for keywords such as: Fury, Safe, Desperation, Weapon, Ally, Ranged, Breaker, Throw, Reversal and some much more!

Rarity Breakdown:

22 Common

23 Uncommon

20 Rare

15 Ultra Rare

Product Information

  • UPC 9781589934764