UFS Set 23 Darkstalkers: Warriors of the Night Starter Display

Each Darkstalkers starter display includes 4 J. Talbain starter decks and 4 Felicia starter decks.
Warriors of the Night starter deck includes four starter-exclusive foil cards, 1 foil character (in the window) and one random ultra-rare card!

An entire display of starters will get you 8 starter decks and 8 Ultra Rares.

NOTE: These cards have rotated from Standard format.

Ultra Rares you can get with this display:

B.B. Hood
Beautiful Memory
Dancing Flash
Darkside Master
Demon Billion
Dragon Cannon
Felicity House
Fighting as One
Finale Rosso
Igyo Tenshin
Lord Raptor
Not Over Yet
Oni Kubi Hineri
They’re All Mine
Tsurane Giri
Ultimate Undead
Waves of Blood

Product Information

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