Mega Man: The Board Game Boss Pack

This boss pack contains all the card that you will need to modify the decks found in “Mega Man: the Board Game” to customize your battle against the evil Robot Masters.

This pack contains 96 cards, and is not a complete game on its own. Players must own a copy of Mega Man: The Board Game to use the contents found within.

Bomb Man Pack
4x Reckless
4x Demolitions Expert
4x Bombs Aren’t Toys

Cut Man Pack
4x Cutting
4x Ceramic Titanium
4x Fast and Agile

Elec Man Pack
4x Multi-Shock
4x Conceited and Egotistical
4x High Voltage

Fire Man Pack
4x Hot Tempered
4x Heating Up
4x Flame of Justice

Guts Man Pack
4x Civil Engineering
4x Durable
4x Great Strength

Ice Man Pack
4x Frozen Breath
4x 200 Below
4x Ice Slide

Oil Man Pack
4x Slick Fall
4x E-Tank
4x Show Time!

Time Man Pack
4x Alarm
4x Time’s Up!
4x Punctual

Mega Man: The Board Game rulebook

Product Information

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