Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn Cinestory Graphic Novel

After the relaxing cabin vacation doesn’t go as planned, Ash is left with three dead friends, an undead girlfriend, and an angry evil spirit on the loose. As nightfall approaches, Ash must prepare to once again battle the legions of the damned…

In the spring of 1987, visionary filmmaker Sam Raimi unleashed upon the world Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn, the infamous second film in his Evil Dead franchise, and nothing was ever the same again. Starring Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, the gleefully gory Evil Dead II grew to be a cult classic, spawning further movies, a TV series, and even a board game.

Now lovingly presented on glorious paper, relive the adventure of Ash VS the deadites in this beautifully and horrifically illustrated Cinestory graphic novel.

Product Information

  • Measurements: 10.5in x 7in x .8in
  • 304 pages