Cowboy Bebop:
Boardgame Boogie

3…  2…  1…  Let’s Game!  Choose your favorite member of the Bebop crew and take on their role and carry their weight as their space adventure unfolds!

In the cooperative game Cowboy Bebop: The Board Game, players work together to complete each character’s story arc and win the game, encountering iconic characters and obstacles from the anime series along the way.

Travel the Solar System!  Fly between the Astral Gates, visiting contacts, bars, shops, and spaceports to gather leads and resources!

Face your Demons!  Complete your personal Session with a little help from your friends.  Everyone wins when the past is put to rest!

Get Paid, Keep Flying!  Combine your leads to locate iconic Bounty Heads and chase them down!  Earn enough woolongs to pay for fuel and delicious bell peppers and beef to keep your adventures going!

1 Rulebook
1 Game Board
1 Bebop Token
4 Character Boards
5 Planet Boards
7 Standees
23 Game Tokens
165 Game Cards

Cowboy Bebop: Boardgame Boogie rulebook

Product Information

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