At Jasco Games, we recognize that a key element in the growth of UniVersus is its own players. With this in mind, we are reintroducing the UniVersus Scout Program.

A UniVersus Scout is a passionate, dedicated member of the UniVersus community who seeks to help grow and sustain UniVersus in their local gaming establishment and surrounding area by managing regular local organized play events for current players as well as providing regular opportunities to demo and teach UniVersus to new players.

UniVersus Scouts will be provided prize support and demo materials according to the number of events they run and also how many people
participate in these events.  Successful Scouts have the opportunity to create and manage playgroups in multiple locations in larger areas and will be rewarded for their time and effort.

If you feel that you would be a qualified candidate to become a UniVersus Scout, please fill out the following form to receive more information.

Coming soon!

The Sensei Program was designed to help provide support at all levels to tournament organizers & players alike.

The program offers an exciting & new way to reward those who mentor and teach players on how to become champions! Interested in becoming a Sensei for our upcoming release of My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game? Fantastic, your in luck! Starting today UniVersus is looking for able bodies to join and climb the ranks of the Sensei Initiative. Interested in understanding more about the rewarding world of becoming a Sensei? Please read below for more details on what awaits you on your journey to becoming a Grand Sensei!

People interested in joining the Jasco Games Sensei Program do this for multiple reasons. Some are looking for something to do at tournaments other than play, others want to grow the Organized Play scene in their area, and others want to give back to the community and help younger players have a pleasant gaming experience as they did growing up.

Sensies will have access to some incredible exclusive merchandise and perk via the DOJO STORE Platform. Each Tier of events as well as Official Local Hobby Store Sanctioned events will earn a Sensei DOJO points that can be redeemed at any time! More details to come on the exciting and rewarding journey to becoming a Sensei!

There are 4 levels of Sensei’s Program that you can aspire to achieve: 

White Belt Sensei – Able to Judge:

  • Local Hobby Store Sanctioned Events
  • Tier 1 Events – Premier Store Championships & Pre-Releases

The exam for the White Belt Sensei is available online and can be found here. Once completed,  if the Sensei was successful in their trial they will receive a certificate which allows them to officially be recognized as a judge for The UniVersus Collectible Card Game.



Yellow Belt Sensei – Able to Judge:

  • Local Hobby Store Sanctioned Events
  • Tier 1 Events – Premier Store Championships & Pre-Releases 
  • Tier 2 Events – PTC (Pro Tour Championships)

The exam for the Yellow Belt Sensei will be available online. Once completed,  if the Sensei was successful in their trial they will be interviewed. This interview will be administered by a Black Belt Sensei.


Red Belt Sensei – Able to Judge:

  • Local Hobby Store Sanctioned Events
  • Tier 1 Events – Premier Store Championships & Pre-Releases 
  • Tier 2 Events – PTC (Pro Tour Championships)
  • Tier 3 Events – Regionals & Nationals 

The exam for the Red Belt Sensei will be ONLY available on site at Regionals & Nationals during the 2020-2021 season. These trials will be administered by a Black Belt Sensei & will include an in person interview as well as a knowledge based exam. 


Black Belt Sensei – Able to Judge:

  • Local Hobby Store Sanctioned Events
  • Tier 1 Events – Premier Store Championships & Pre-Releases 
  • Tier 2 Events – PTC (Pro Tour Championships)
  • Tier 3 Events – Regionals & Nationals 
  • Tier 4 Events – Worlds




If you are interested in becoming a Sensei, please read the Penalty Guidelines.

No Exams are currently available. We will make an announcement when the program is ready to re-launch.

Aaron Sussman
Alan Chalmers
Alexander St-Louis
Andres Mayorga
Andrew Dang
Anthony Hall
Anthony Doupe
Austin Parker
Barrett Bryant
Barry Everson
Ben Lambright
Benson Yau
Billy Coffey
Bobbby Hendking Jr
Brendon Simeone
Brian Harris
Cameron Undergust
Carl White
Chris Minor
Chris Atanasov
christopher nixon
Christopher Bromley
Christopher Douglas
Christopher Pawlik
Christopher Goldsmith
Cj McFee
CJ Wolfe
Cody Kent
Colby Cram
Connor middlemass
Connor middlemass
Coran Sloss
Damyan Hristov
Dane Baysinger
Daniel Pohl
Daniel Hughes
Dante Gray
Darien Fitzpatrick
David Smith
David Kennedy
David Guerra
dayton steger
Diego Cifuentes
Dillon Bauman
Dom Kirwan
Don Hartfield
Dylan Hall
Edmond Brown
Eduardo Yarhi
Elizabeth Drake
Emma Gillespie
Ethan Holmes
Evan Riddle
Gabriel Taylor
Galen Gowens
Garrison Bunnell
Geoff Hunt
Gordon McGhie
Greg Gowens
Himston Flores
Iari Melchor
Ivomir Ivanov
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Masur
Jacob Harley
James Stephens
James Daniels
James Kenny
Jamie Schwartz
Jamie Schwartz
Jared Bennett
Jarrett Hubbard
Jason Moore
Jason Myatt
Jason Griffin
Jay Ueda
JD Cash
Jean-Michel Lafrance
Jeremy Johnston
Jeremy Pobiel
Jesse Cervini
Jesse Salinas
Jesse Parkman
John Ashe
John Welch
John Church
John Owen
John Robertson
Jordan Syverson
Jordan Keesee
Joseph Bedingfield
Joseph Atchison
Josh Woods
Josh Hillers
JT Wanner
Julien Vazquez
Justin Farst
Justin Cook
Kameron Caldwell
Keagan Daniel
Keenan Meadows
Ken Lo
Kevin Kozlowski
Kevin Caldwell
Kevin Rhymer
Kevin Broberg
Kevin Good
Kuwabara Nixon
Kyle Wright
Lee Heath
Lester Hubbard
Mario Cervantes Bravo
Mario Roefaro
Mark Kowalski
Mark Tyner
Martin McMahon
Matt Woodard
Matthew Vallejos
Matthew Mitchell
Matthew Robinson
Matthew Neiswinter
Matthew Young
Michael Murray
Michael Nelson
Michael Alexander
Michael Pinasco
Michael Speranza
Michael Mcewan
Mike Lowe
Mike Hardiman
MJ Brick
Myles Tyler
Nathan Squire
Nathan Spade
Nicholas Ragan
Nicholas Jordy
Nicholas Forrester
Nikolay Asenov
Noah Minor
Parker Hughes
Parker Farrand
Patrick Foglio
Patrick O’Dell
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Broadway
Patrick Rolow
Paul Casagrande
Peter Beltran
Phillip Ward
Ransom McArthur
Raymond Cash
Ricardo Guajardo
Robert Kimbro
Robert Quirk
Ryan Craft
Ryan McClain
Ryan Pham
Sam Norris
Scott Sundman
Scott Burry
Scott DeJarnette
Sean Baumann
Sean O’Brien
Sean May
Sébastien Leblanc
Shane DeRossett
Shane Coates
Shawn Ollison Jr
Sherman Deal
Stefan Danov
Steven Jennings
Steven Bird
Tamren Cardwell
Thomas Gordon
Timothy Friedlieb
tobias schnayer
Trayan Ivanov
Tyrell Scott
Vasil Peychev
Vincent Constancio
Wayne Maroney
Wesley Malak
William Howard
William Woodward
William Godbey
Zachary Armstrong

In Training

In Training

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