Community Playtest

Hey folks, this is where details will be.

This playtest is being conducted over Tabletop Simulator. To find the mod, use this link: CLICK HERE

Then click on subscribe and when you launch Tabletop Simulator, it should appear in your workshop area.


Again, thanks for participating in our community playtest! Below, we will be asking for feedback on a few groupings of cards at a time. To provide feedback, please click on the picture of the character you are providing feedback for.

Keto Kombateer
Movie Theatre Tray
Powerful Bruting Juggernaut
Pizza Margherita
Cereal Mascot
A Pleasant Picnic
Mama's Pot Roast
English Trifle
Taco Bell Toller
Colonel KFC
Big Mac
Muscles Marinara
Stuff In My Fridge Man
King of Pho
Chicken Tikka Masala
Pumpkin Spice Latte