Standard Sunset Tournament 2022


Standard has a deep and rich history held within UniVersus. After we unfortunately had to cancel US Nationals 2021, we decided that we owe it to our players to have one more event structured under the Standard format.

As a celebration of the beloved format, we will be returning standard for one final sunset tournament during the North American Pro Hero National.

This is the beginning of a new journey for UniVersus where we will continue to support the play of your older cards, however we’re not ready to make those announcements just yet, so keep you eyes peeled for future announcements!

We are dedicated to supporting the play and usage of your older cards and collection, and will continue to support that well into the future of our game!


The following sets will be legal:

  • My Hero Academia: Heroes Clash
  • My Hero Academia: Crimson Rampage
  • My Hero Academia
  • Soul Calibur VI: Libra of Souls
  • Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Seventh Cross
  • Soul Calibur VI
  • Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Cowboy Bepop

The following promo watermarks will be legal:

  • Champion Batch V
  • Promo 2020
  • Promo Snowflake
  • DLC 2020
  • Soul Eye (Kaden & Reese intro decks)

Because this is the old standard format, that means the following rules will be in place:

  • Players must have a minimum 59 card deck, plus their character
  • You must follow the resource chain rules, but you may use any card in your deck
  • Players are allowed to attack on their first turn
  • You are allowed to stack multiple versions of the same character
  • The mulligan rules will be changed to match the current MHA Format rules, including the extra card drawn by the second player.

Bans & Erratas

To balance the format before this tournament, we will be issuing the following bans & errata to the Standard Format.


  • Momo Yaoyorozu (I)
  • Kali Yuga
  • New Seong Style: Scarlet Meteor
  • Kunai Ikkinage
  • Syi Salika & Loka Luha
  • Evil Bow

These cards provide more efficiency than we are comfortable with at this time, and were selected for the ban list due to the inherent loops or power level issues that we have found with them. One immediately notable card here is Momo Yaoyorozu (I). We would like to note that her placement on this list is due to the large amount of assets that she can repeatedly block with.

  • Omega Sword and Owl Shield
  • Pure of Heart
  • Shokan Prince

These cards create a negative environment and discourage multiple avenues of gameplay. These cards are especially notable in that their oppressiveness comes from static abilities which are unable to be interacted with.


  • Spirit Gun
    • Spirit Gun is no longer Yusuke Only, the top enhance is no longer restricted to Yusuke Only, and the bottom enhance is now restricted to Yusuke Only.


  • Tiger Scream
    • No longer banned, and is now Byakko Only
  • Kuwabara
    • No longer banned, and his response is now limited to once per turn.

These errata aim to open up a few characters, including Kuwabara coming off the ban list to a reduced power level. Tiger Scream’s offensiveness was never in Byakko, so our resident large cat would be happy to bring this card out of the binder for another go.


*Prize details are subject to change.

As a throwback to our history, for every round players participate, they will be handed 4 copies of a card from the game’s past, updated with a new frame and effect wording.

Furthermore, as is a long-held tradition, the Champion of this event will also be immortalized in cardboard as their own custom character card!

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