Character Intro: Yuga Aoyama

Sacré bleu! The Shining Hero himself is ready to navel-blast his way to victory in the My Hero Academia CCG! 


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"I Cannot Stop Twinkling, meaning you can't stop my sparkles!" – Yuga Aoyama

The flamboyant oddball of Class 1-A, Yuga Aoyama is here to face his doubts and insecurities with grace, style, and panache! His quirk, Navel Laser, allows Yuga to blast his enemies away with spectacular beams of light; but if overused his abilities will lead to him clutching at his stomach in pain! Make sure to keep an eye on your resources, and don’t leave yourself open as you power through your rival’s defenses!

As a character with a hand size of 6, Aoyama must make the most out of the cards that he draws. Take further advantage of powerful flip cost effects with his response ability, making the speed and damage of your attacks rise to truly resplendent heights! And when the time comes to play that final coup de grâce his enhance will allow you to play a high difficulty attack even late during a turn! Just don’t get caught on the defensive with all your cards face down, or you’ll end up with issues worse than tummy aches!

“C’est la vie” – Yuga Aoyama

Although taking advantage of his foundations being flipped is Aoyama’s raison d’etre, one must be ready for any upcoming villain attack. Make use of his stylish Tres Chic Cape to unflip your committed foundations, either to ready them for further use or to simply flip them again! And if anyone is foolish enough to go into deadlock against you, make sure to blind them with your cape’s powerful Form ability, which will add two ranged attacks you already played back into your hand so you may use them against your rival once again!

And speaking of attacks with range, Aoyama is always willing to lead with a couple far-away feints in order to ensure his main move strikes true! His Navel Laser Charge will ensure he stays healthy and fashionable while transferring one of his +1/+1 buffs to the next attack; while his Panache Shining Navel Blast will be big and fast enough to make your rival sweat their hard-earned momentum right off their character! Simply diabolique!


Aoyama needs to be able to flip foundations in order to promote his bedazzling plan; and that’s where his reliable Tight Lipped comes in! Serving as a 0 difficulty foundation that is always ready to turn some frowns upside-down. And when it comes to making the most out of these face down foundations, leave it to Someone With Style to solve that problem by simply blowing them up! And of course, if your rival tries to ruin your beautiful day with stun, this card will make sure they are properly punished.


“Unless we can face that which pains us… we can never truly sparkle!” – Yuga Aoyama

Once the time comes to go all out, Aoyama is prepared to unleash his signature, splendid and sparkling Navel Laser Beam! The two flip enhance abilities on this card, when combined with Aoyama’s response, is bound to terrify your rival with its sheer splendor! And the powerful First Enhance on the card will allow you to reuse some of your own very dear flip effects. And of course, let’s not forget the striking Breaker:2 which is bound to blindside your rival. Comme d’habitude for you, but a terrifying surprise for them!

That’s it for our beloved Shining Hero: Can’t Stop Twinkling for now! Look forward to playing as him and stunning all your rivals with your confident, eternally shining style in the My Hero Academia CCG, Coming this November!

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