Community Playtest Update

Good Morning, Fighters!

Today I’m going to update you all on our Community Playtest program. To begin with, we’re just a few days behind, so we’ll be pushing the launch of the playtest files back to early next week. This will ensure we have things properly ready for everyone to jump right into deck brewing. 

But let’s get down to some of the specifics. 

First, we will have a new page on our website under the UniVersus menu. It will be called “Community Playtest”. Here you will be able to download the playtest files as well as submit feedback for the specified cards. We’ll be posting feedback forms quite regularly, so check back often to submit your findings. Please note – We understand that players can test and play with the cards we make available without having to submit feedback, however, we highly encourage all players to give us your thoughts and opinions to make our future releases and competitive scenes as fun, balanced and informative as possible.

Secondly, it’s time to announce some terminology updates that will be coming in the next LGR update. We were hoping to have the updates done, but we’re still making a few tweaks to clean things up. Since you’ll be seeing the new wording in playtest files, we think it is important for you to know the changes before you see the cards. We expect this to be easy, since most of the new terminology is pretty intuitive.

In future card sets, the following terminology will take effect.

  • Opponent will be replaced with Rival
  • Staging Area will be replaced with Stage


We will be adding a new Keyword to the game! Get ready for ‘Face-Up’. The exact wording of the keyword will be listed in the LGR update, but here’s a quick description for you to use for the time being:

Face-Up: When this card is added to momentum, add it face up.

Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Get ready for a large number of cards to release for the community playtest! When we launch the playtest, we will also publish a list of the first batch of cards we’ll be looking for feedback on. This will update quickly, so keep an eye out for updates to the feedback periods. As we have mentioned on several Joffice Live updates, each batch of test cards will contain real cards that are planned to release in any of the next 8 set releases, the next 24 DLC Character releases and the next 2 years of promos. The licenses are mixed up, and there are a handful of “dummy cards”, aka cards that we may or may not use in real production.

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