October 2020 UniVersus State of the Game

Happy Halloween, Fighters! The year is quickly coming to an end, but we’ve got a good amount of news for you concerning the Retro Series as well as another great event! So let’s cut to the chase, on to Retro updates!

New Event Rules

The first change we are implementing for Event 5 is that when we cut to single elimination, we will allow players to view their opponent’s deck list before their match begins.

The second new rule is that players will be able to include any number of cards in their sideboard UP TO the maximum of 10 (1-10).

Bans & Additions to the Format

Let’s start with the new addition to the Ban List. Scarlet Meteor is now banned in Retro.

We are adding the following characters to the Retro Format:

  • Iori***
  • Kyo***
  • Mai***
  • Astrid**
  • Lu Chen*
  • Rashotep*
  • Temujin*
  • Yi Shan*
  • Zhao Daiyu*
  • Zi Mei*

The ShadoWar characters allowed are the MRP versions printed by Jasco Games.

We are also reintroducing the Purple Promo Card. To find out what card the Purple Promo Card currently represents, click on this link.

Invitational Info

You’ve been asking about the Invitational Event set to follow the end of the 2020 Retro Series, and we’re happy to oblige. Let’s begin by talking about how players earn points for the series.

  • Players earn 2 points for participating in a Retro Event.
  • Players earn 1 point for each win in Swiss rounds.
  • If a player makes top cuts, they will instead earn a flat total based on final placement.
  • 1st Place – 18 points
  • 2nd Place – 15 points
  • 3rd-4th Place – 13 points
  • 5th-8th Place – 10 points

So the winner of an event earns 18 points while someone who won 3 matches would earn 5 points (2 for participation + 3 for each match win).

We will be inviting the top 16 point earners from the event series to participate in a final event taking place in January. The prizes for this event will be as follows:

  • Participation: Event mat and 1 Red Horizon: Tides of Vengeance character pack of their choice.
  • Top 8: Top 8 mat plus 2 Red Horizon: Tides of Vengeance character packs of their choice.
  • Top 4: Same as Top 8 PLUS a full set of Symbol Pins
  • 2nd Place: Same as Top 4 PLUS $100 credit on Jascogames.net
  • 1st Place: Retro Series Grand Champion Mat, 1 set of symbol pins, 2 Red Horizon: Tides of Vengeance character packs of their choice, and $200 credit on Jascogames.net.

View current points standings here.

But wait….



We’ve got one last treat for you all!!


With the success of the Retro Series, many of you have been asking for a Standard Format Event. We’ve finished putting the important details together, and we’re happy to announce that we’ve decided to run 1 big event before the end of the year. Since we were unable to host a Nationals event this year, we have decided to allocate some of the planned prizing to this event.


  • When: December 5th (most likely)
  • How Much: $32* (Entry + Shipping)
  • Format: Standard (Played on Tabletop Simulator)


  • Participation: Foil Playset of Friends & Rivals Promo Card
  • Top Cut: Top Cut Mat, Foil Playset of Revoke Promo Card, 12 packs standard legal Universus boosters.
  • Top 4: Foil Playset of Out Of Your League Promo Card, 12 packs standard legal Universus boosters
  • 2nd Place: Foil Playset of 2020 Foundation Promo Cards
  • Champion: Foil Playset of 2020 Attack Promo Cards, Plane Voucher for the next major UniVersus event ($300 value).

Prizes are cumulative.

*International participants will be required to pay additional shipping fees for their prizes.

Public Playtest

We have some basic news here. We’re hoping to get public playtesting ready to go in a couple of weeks, but it may take us three. We’re currently getting the batches of cards ready for upload onto a TTS mod for you to test with. We will add cards in batches and provide a link to feedback forms when we release everything for testing. We hope that everyone takes the time to put some good thought into feedback as this will help us polish the cards to come in the future.

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