July 2020 UniVersus State of the Game

Hello and welcome back to another update article! What a crazy few months it’s been. We won’t dwell on in the world the state of craziness going on, but we’ve got a few bits of news to share with you today. 

First, our inaugural Retro Series event took place this last weekend. We had a great turnout and it seems the buzz around the event is still going on. We’re so happy about that. And we have some info about the next event!

Retro Series Event 2

We’re getting ready for the second event on Saturday August 29th! The Retro Ban list has been updated over on the Retro Page and we will begin accepting registration for the event sometime next week. Look forward to more monthly Retro format events!

If you followed the event leading up to the day of play, or you just looked at the Top 8 list, you’ll notice that we’re experimenting a bit with this format. For one, we are temporarily suspending the Diversity Rule in an effort to really figure out the format. Also, the first event had a rather aggressive ban list in order to ease players (and one certain judge) into the card pool available. You can expect to see the ban list reduce significantly, but there are some big offenders that will stay on the list. The ban list has been updated, check it out here.

We’ve also been playing around with the entry fee and prizing for these events. The next event may see more of this. And we hope to see an even bigger turn out next month!

Below are the participation and top cuts promos for the next event.


As of Monday, July 27 2020, the following cards will be available for redemption:

  • Combat Ash
  • A Moment of Rest
  • Soul Calibur


Effective IMMEDIATELY the following errata is in effect!

Hellfire Impalement

Enhance Remove X cards from your discard pile with a printed control of 2 or less: Ready X foundations that have not been readied this Combat Phase.

Ban List Update

Shadow Slicer

Shadow Slicer was an attempt to continue exploring both the self-mill mechanic of and the attack recursion theme present in Soul Calibur VI: Libra of Souls. It even gives a nod to Chasm Buster with similar stats and a +2/+2 pump for 2 vitality. Unfortunately, this attack has proven too powerful.

Rather than attempt patchwork errata fixes, we feel it best to simply ban this card from all constructed formats.

Downward Spiral

Downward Spiral is an amazing tool to add to the discard strategy. Unfortunately, this card provides both the and the payoff. The discard Enhance combined  with the massive damage bonus Enhance can too easily become oppressive.

The low difficulty of Downward Spiral far outweighs the possible drawback of the 2 control value. Turn 1 attacks going second can be all but guaranteed to succeed and offer a large chunk of damage with little to no resistance. It could easily be a 5 Difficulty, a 1 control, or both and likely still see widespread play.

Because of all of these reasons, Downward Spiral is banned in all constructed formats.


Huitzil was previously banned for being too good and spontaneously adding too much damage in a game format that did not see the numbers of today’s game. We feel that on its own, this card would be very strong, but likely not objectionable. However, when combined with **Huitzil**, which has proven to be quite easy to accomplish, this character becomes overwhelming.

For this reason, *Huitzil* is banned from the Retro format.

The Shill!

Mortal Kombat Trilogy DLC Release

Remember! The Mortal Kombat Trilogy DLC releases on Friday, August 7th! Don’t forget to preorder today!

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