Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game Limited Time Add-On


We have set aside a limited supply of 3,000 copies of each of our officially licensed Street Fighter themed card sleeves produced by our manufacturer, Arcane Tinmen. To ensure a timely delivery to fulfillment centers, these card sleeves will ONLY be available on our campaign for the next two weeks. The sleeves were added simply as a components upgrade to your game for those of you interested. We have already discussed releasing the other 3 core box characters in the future with new sleeve designs. If the Street Fighter sleeves are received well enough, we can continue to produce more art sleeves for Street Fighter over time and complete the entire cast of the game!

These sleeves will be sold in a bundle at a discounted price of $30 (Normal MSRP: $15.99ea). Each bundle includes 1 set of Chun-Li, 1 set of Ryu, and 1 set of Ken sleeves. There are 100 sleeves in each box.

For those of you that are not sure how to add this bundle to your order, simply use a link to your order or click the link below to request a link to your order. At the bottom of your order, there will be a link in blue to “Re-open your selections”. Click that and go through all the selections again, this time adding the sleeves as an extra. The Sleeves bundle will be at the very bottom of the Extras page.

You can request the link to your survey again HERE!

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