This year we will be hosting a series of online events with a format we have currently dubbed “Retro”. This format will go all the way back to 2010, when Jasco first obtained the Universal Fighting System. Our plan is to use this event series to begin to craft what we hope will grow into a permanent format to be played at some events.

For now, we will host these events online using a digital platform. Players can play in any number of events, earning points and prizes for each event. The top point earners after the event series will be invited to play in a final event for even more prizes!

What is Retro Format?

The Retro format will encompass the time period beginning with Jasco’s first set, Red Horizon, and extending all the way to the present with our most recent set, Soul Calibur VI: Libra of Soul. It will have its own ban list (presented below) that will change throughout this series as we hone in on what’s the best format we can make with such a large card pool available.

For at least the first event, we will be hosting games on the Tabletop Simulator, found on the Steam games launcher. You can watch the video linked below (Thanks to TCG University!) to learn how to set up Tabletop Simulator to play UFS. All events will take place over the course of a weekend, with every effort made to finish events in a single day. Rounds will be posted with 75 minutes to begin, set up, and play your match. Deck lists and deck files must be submitted before the event begins.

NOTE: Please see the bottom of the page for rules updates.


Saturday, November 14th. Round 1 will begin at 9am Pacific Time Zone.

The final event is on December 19.

To sign up, you will purchase an event entry from our website. The event entry button is located further down on this page. Once you have purchased your event entry, please fill out the form HERE with your deck list and information.

Participation: 4x Orphaned Alchemist 2020 Promo Card, 4x The Second Saintly Beast 2020 Promo Card, 1 box of your choice from a selection of the following: Red Horizon, Mega Man: Battle for Power, Red Horizon: Blood Omen, Street Fighter, Capcom Platinum Series, Capcom League Kit.
  • $20 from each entry will be pooled into a pot for prizing to top cut players.
  • Top 5-8: Top 8 Playmat, 4x Angel Discus 2020 Promo Card, 5% of pot in credit on website.
  • Top 3-4: Top 8 Playmat, 4x Angel Discus 2020 Promo Card, 10% of pot in credit on website.
  • Runner up: Top 8 Playmat, 4x Angel Discus 2020 Promo Card, 20% of pot in credit on website.
  • Champion: Champion playmat, 4x Angel Discus 2020 Promo Card 40% of pot in credit on website.
retro format
  • ShadoWar 6-point promo characters.
  • Champion Promo Cards
  • Red Horizon
  • Red Horizon: Tides of Vengeance
  • King of Fighters 13
  • King of Fighters 13: Ruler of Time
  • King of Fighters 13: NeoMax
  • Mega Man Tin
  • Darkstalkers Tin
  • Mega Man: Rise of the Masters
  • Darkstalkers: Warriors of the Night
  • World of Indines
  • Mega Man: Battle for Power
  • Red Horizon: Blood Omen
  • Street Fighter
  • Capcom Platinum
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers
  • Soul Calibur VI
  • Seventh Cross
  • MHA Demo Decks
  • Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Soul Calibur VI: Libra of Soul
  • DLC Series 1
banned cards
Cards in red have been removed from the ban list.
  • New Seong Style: Scarlet Meteor (Added 10/30/2020)
  • Goro (MKX)
  • Mourning the Lost
  • *Gemini Man*
  • *Huitzil* 
  • *Maxima*
  • *Mature*
  • *Chin*
  • Harnessing Chaos
  • Fatality
  • Ballistic Snap Kick
  • No Equal
  • Penance
  • Paid to Protect
  • A World Lost to Time
  • *Liu Kang*
  • *Quan Chi*
  • **Quan Chi**
  • *Shinnok*
  • *Gill*
  • **Jedah**
  • *Twinkle Murdock*
  • **Zoey**
  • *Napalm Man*
  • Sturmwaffe
  • Punishment Time
  • Tiger Scream
  • Shield Big Bang
  • Downward Spiral (added 7/24/20)
  • Shadow Slicer (added 7/24/20)
  • Garett Brett 1
  • Paul Bittner 1
  • Paul Bittner 2
  • Joe Hill 1
  • Drew Maffei, Lion Buddy
  • The Golden Ticket
  • Lion Stance
  • UFS House
  • When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain…
  • Jiffany Jamber
  • Ryu 2
  • Combat Ash
  • Iori 3
  • Kyo 3
  • Mai 3
  • Bang!
  • Truong
  • Sasha 1
  • Summer Heat
  • Meddling With Higher Powers
  • Holiday Cheer
  • Aircraft Carrier Trautman
  • Clandestine Research
  • Welcome Fighters!
  • Supporting Teammates
  • Forbidden Knowledge
  • Mr. Karate1
  • Mature2
  • Shen2
  • Vice2
  • Clark2
  • Saiki2
  • A Brother’s Concern
  • Agent Team
  • An Unheard Voice
  • Bojutsu Arts
  • Contacting Heidern
  • Demon of Kyokugenryu
  • Discussing the Future
  • Escaping Fate
  • Going Undercover
  • Heidern’s Determination
  • Orochi Discovery
  • Over 65,000!
  • Preparing Herself
  • Sky Noah Archives
  • So Sweetdiculous
  • Surrounded By Fools
  • Tengu Assassin
  • The One Who Rules Time
  • Yata Mirror Restored
  • Fructidor
  • Galactica Phantom**
  • Bernstein Stadium
  • Ominous Relic
  • Orochi Power
  • Rose’s Piano
  • Sky Noah
  • The Time Gate
  • Uncovered Ruins
  • Approaching Armada
  • Rising Typhoon
  • Chimeric Abyss
  • Genesis
  • Brute Strength
  • Null Vortex
  • Cyclone Zephyr
  • Deadly Embrace
  • Curse of Corruption
  • Righteousness


For the third Retro event we will be instituting the following rules changes:
Diversity: The Diversity rule will be suspended for this event.
Before each match during single elimination rounds, players will be given a short period to view their opponent’s deck list.
Deck composition: When submitting your deck list for the event, your sideboard may contain any number of cards between 0 and 10.